Christmas Families Project

Christmas Families Project Report

The CFP team recently met and decided to move forward with the program while implementing the following duties and guidelines.

If you are interested in shopping or wrapping (either at home or at our wrapping center), please contact the CFP team.

Our wrapping center location (near downtown Grass Valley) will be given to you once you are scheduled to wrap. We will begin on Wednesday, December 2 and close on Friday, December 18. There will be only one 3-hour shift per day and COVID guidelines will be followed, i.e., wearing a mask, using hand sanitizer, etc. Once your shift has been completed, we will completely disinfect all touched surfaces and implements. We will also be available to pick up from your home any wrapped or unwrapped gifts that you have purchased if that is the option you chose.

One other important piece of information is about the per child reimbursements. We have adopted a sliding scale, as follows:

Children 0-2 years of age – $40 per child

Children 3-6 years of age – $50 per child

Children 7-10 years of age – $60 per child

Children 11-18 years of age – $80 per child

This information will be repeated in the instructions for the shoppers.

Although we are not able to have our usual Christmas luncheon and program this year where we hear from recipients of the CFP, we want to share some stories from past recipients:

From Helping Hands Nurturing Center

When Phoebe (fictional name) first came to us through Child Protective Services she was homeless, off her medications, angry and self-medicating with drugs. With special needs and no real coping or parenting skills, her children were not being cared for and were at risk of maltreatment and neglect. Phoebe trusted no one, and was isolated and afraid. Her only connection was with her boyfriend who used drugs and was very volatile. Over the course of months Phoebe began to allow us into her life, gained confidence and was able to see a doctor and receive proper medication. Once this was in place she began to engage in her care at a higher level, asking questions about parenting and wanting to learn as much as possible. She also gained an understanding of how important she is to her children and realized that maintaining her own health would be essential if she was to stay in their lives. With a loving bond with her children she was able to get out of the dysfunctional relationship and no longer uses marijuana to cope. Due to her special needs she was able to access disability funds and now has an apartment of her own. She has become more independent but continues to actively engage in the Nurturing Parent Program where she has gained confidence and continues learning to be a better parent. Phoebe and her family were recipients of our Christmas Families Project last year. The CFP Christmas Angels came to Phoebe and her children during a time she really had no other help. That she was able to provide Christmas when she was truly struggling gave her small family a moment of joy and hope. Her children woke up Christmas morning with excitement and smiles on their faces as they found the gifts left by Santa. Phoebe said that even though she was suffering through hard times this was the best Christmas ever.

Women of Worth (WOW)

WOW was the second agency the Christmas Families Project adopted. Early in the project we received a call about a woman who had arrived in their office with two children in the middle of winter. With snow on the ground, her children were walking in sandals and only sweaters for warmth. She had escaped a domestic violence situation with the children and a dog, driving from Southern California after hearing there might be some help in Nevada County. The girls received Christmas boots, shoes, coats and other donated fun gifts. The dog received a special bone. The mother went on to earn a degree and is now a counselor specializing in victims of domestic violence.

These are just a couple of stories of the help and hope our CFP has brought to challenged families. Since we will not be able to “pass the hat” in December and if you are moved to do so, please consider sending a donation check made out to Newcomers Club with an indication that it’s for CFP. Send it to our treasurer.

We want to thank you in advance for your participation in this year’s project. As always, if you have any other questions, please contact the CFP team.