Christmas Families Project

Note: This page is not being updated until we are fully reactivated after the pandemic – hopefully Fall 2021.

Christmas Families Project Report


Wow! You are so generous!

This was a year without an October Auction. Almost half of our membership donated money to ensure the success of our Christmas Families Project.

Many of the shoppers declined reimbursement for the gifts they purchased, donating the cost of those gifts. Many others spent more than they were reimbursed, donating the extra cost of the gifts. The total of the donations from shoppers was $4,535.

Many of you wrote your dues checks for more than required. The total of the donations that came in with the dues checks was $2,430. There were donations to Special Items totaling $322. Many of you mailed separate checks to the Treasurer to be applied to Christmas Families. The total of those checks was $1,750.

The grand total of all those extra donations was $9,037!

We thank you, and all those 101 children and 44 families thank you.

One additional thank you goes out to one of our members who donated a space heater for Helping Hands Nurturing Center, per the request in our January newsletter. Thank you!