President’s Message

Never shall I forget the days I spent with you. Continue to be my friend, as you will always find me yours.

~ Ludwig Van Beethoven

I want to express my sincere thanks for the honor of serving as your President the past two years. What makes our club special is the absolute joy of friendship that we experience in our activity groups and at our luncheon meetings.

These two years would not have been successful without the dedication and commitment of the board members including the standing committees and chairpersons. They keep the President on her toes! They are the true “work horses” who make our club work so well. I sincerely appreciate their support and hard work.

Unfortunately, we are not able to hold our monthly meeting in June at the Alta Sierra Country Club. We tried our best, but there were just too many obstacles to overcome. We appreciate the special amenities that make Alta Sierra a perfect venue for our meetings; however, they do not anticipate being open for large groups like our club until mid or late July. They are open for small groups with a limited lunch menu. We encourage you to stop by and support them. So, the fun day that we had planned may be re-scheduled for the next club year.

Our fiscal year is from September through August, and we are usually “in recess” July and August. This year we had to be “in recess” from March until September through no fault of our own.

Since we have had no physical meetings since February, we have unfinished business to complete. In a new and creative way we are going to attempt voting using a ballot process in the newsletter you will have received in either email or postal mail within the next few days. Voting will include the board recommended slate of officers for the next club year (see p. 3) and an opportunity to vote on Bylaws Amendments (see pp. 6-7 of newsletter mailed/emailed to members). You will need to mail in the ballot, which is at the end of the newsletter. We encourage everyone to respond by June 15. We will send the results to our members by email and will include them in the September Newsletter as well.

We remind everyone that dues are payable beginning in May, and your early payment is very much appreciated. Dues are delinquent on June 30. The dues invoice was sent in the May Newsletter, but a second one is included with this June newsletter.

In sincere thanks for the honor of being your president,

Newcomers Club Outgoing President

2020/2021 Newcomers Club Board

Complete ballot information and instructions are available to members only, and have been sent to each member in their June Newsletter. We ask that members use the ballot at the end of that newsletter to vote for these offices:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Treasurer
  • Board Secretary
  • Luncheon Secretary


Standing chairs and co-chairs for the following committees have also been appointed for the upcoming club year and approved by the board at its May virtual meeting. The names are included in each member’s June Newsletter.

  • Activities
  • Newsletter
  • Bridge
  • October Live Auction
  • Christmas Families Project
  • October Silent Auction
  • Community Table Programs
  • Decorations
  • Publicity
  • Fashion Show
  • Reservations
  • Greeters
  • Sunshine
  • Luncheons
  • Ways & Means
  • Membership
  • New Member Events

Newcomers Club of Nevada County has a Facebook page

On this website ( you’ll find information on our charter, activity groups, luncheons, and special programs. You can also find our membership application form along with instructions on how to join.

Newcomers Club of Nevada County also has a Facebook page: You can check the page for our current newsletter and interesting photos, articles, and luncheon information. Like, Share, and Follow if you wish.

We would like to post photos of our activities on our web page, our Facebook page, and the Chamber of Commerce website. If you do not want your picture posted anywhere, you need to contact the Historian or the Membership Chair. Their contact information can be found in your newsletter or roster. If you notice someone taking your picture and do not want to be in it, please make sure you remind them and mention it to the photographer.


If you know of anyone in need of a comfort or condolence card or contact from the Newcomers Club, please contact Janet A. at

Newcomers Club Community Table

The purpose of the Newcomer’s Club Community Table is to provide our members with a method of displaying a non-profit organization or group that they feel may be of interest to other members. In addition, the table helps us all to be aware of the community programs in our beautiful area. Several groups need your help and support; there are others that can guide you to a new and interesting activity. We are delighted to display a brochure or booklet for these non-profit community organizations. We ask that you do not supply materials that pertain to advertising for a business or service for personal financial gain; that is not the purpose of our table. Members are welcome to leave information at the table; the pamphlets and brochures will continue to be displayed at the community table throughout the year. We respectfully request that we not be asked to display political, religious or any subject matter that is of a highly controversial nature. If you have any questions; please do not hesitate to contact the Historian at the email address or phone number in your roster. Here is a current list of pamphlets and brochures: 

Bear Yuba Land Trust, Cancer Aid Thrift Shop, Friendly Visitors & Telephone Reassurance Volunteers, Friends of AAUW, Friends of Hospice, Gold Country Wildlife Rescue, Habitat for Humanity (Cars for Homes), Helpline Information & Assistance for Nevada County, Music in the Mountains, Nevada County Habitat for Humanity (Building Homes Building Lives), Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum, Nevada County Resource Conservation District, Nevada County’s Golden History, North Star Historic Conservancy, ReStore Habitat for Humanity, Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital Auxiliary, The Friendship Club, Wildlife Rehabilitation & Rescue, and Women of Worth

You will also find descriptions about most of our Activities in the Three-ring Binder on the Community Table.