Christmas Families Project

Parents’ Supplemental Goodies for our Christmas Families

Our Christmas Goodie Bags are a little something extra we provide for the moms and dads of the children enrolled in our Christmas Families Project. This spring we are focusing on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

What little item can you think of for these occasions?

For Women: Bath and beauty items larger than travel size; manicure supplies; kitchen tools and linens; beauty supplies; flashlights; journals; cosmetic bags; tote bags.

For Men: Small tools; flashlights; larger toiletry items; manicure supplies; toiletry bags; sox.   

We also need dental floss; stretchy slipper sox; gloves and hats.

Whatever you give will be sure to bring joy to these families who are working so hard to provide a better life for their children. You can put your items in or near the box with Christmas wrap on it at our June Luncheon.

Thanks for your generosity.

Christmas Families Project Update

We did it again – 145 children found presents (including some bicycles) under their trees. Our Nevada County agencies screen and refer families who are struggling financially and need some assistance to provide Christmas presents for their children. Disguised as shoppers, wrappers, auction organizers, committee members, financial contributors and donors, an amazing group

of angels goes into motion to produce a budget and finally a high-quality array of presents and cheer. Ninety-five percent of the time, at least one item on each child’s “wish list” is in that plastic bag, plus many more presents. 

This year, with the help of special donors and Quietech Associates, Inc., we found parts (new and some “gently used”) for a 14-year old to build a computer. Remember the sweet little girl from the Fashion Show? Santa managed to put that pink bicycle she so admired under her Christmas tree. These are just two of the many special items provided for children aged one month to 18 years. The shoppers and special items teams worked very hard to fulfill those additional unusual wishes. To cap the year’s contributions, the Christmas Luncheon brought in an all-time high of $2,780 ($1,835 in the baskets plus Special Items checks for $945). Helping Hands Nurturing Center, Friendship Club, Women of Worth, and Child Protective Services screened and forwarded the names of deserving families who met our criterion of a “helping hand up – not a handout.”

Not a sleigh, but seven SUVs lined up and whisked away presents for delivery to our agencies where they were then distributed to the families. You, our members, could smile on Christmas morning knowing there were children smiling with you as they opened your presents. Watch for a special thank you bulletin board at the January Newcomers Luncheon.

We wish to extend a heartfelt thank you to all who helped to make this year another successful one for our Christmas Families Project.

The Christmas Families Co-Chairs

2017 Christmas Families Project – Business Donors

On behalf of the Special Items Team for the Christmas Families Project, we would like to thank the following vendors for their support of our 2017 children. We would encourage all of you to support these local businesses. 

  1. Quietech Associates, Inc.

      Melissa Hannebrink, Owner – provided complete computer parts for a young teen to build a   computer

  1. Nevada City Cycle Shop
  1. KMart – Barbara Read, Assistant Manager – 25 bicycles and helmets purchased  
  2. JC Penney – Jennifer Ledbetter, Manager – 25% additional discount on all purchases
  3. Sierra Cinemas
  4. Office of Robert Racine, DDS – provided toothbrushes for adults and children
  5. Big 5 – discounted items for a survival kit
  6. Supercuts (Auburn) donated four haircuts

Thank you so very much to all the Newcomers members who were so generous at the October Auction and December Christmas Luncheon. We could not do this program without your continued support – shopping, wrapping, and all the jobs needed to make this village work. 

The Special Items Team would also like to acknowledge our special ELVES who assembled ten 12” and 16” bicycles this year. Altogether there were 33 requests for bikes. One shopper purchased one for her “child,” while 7 came from an inventory of gently used and new ones from last year. The Team purchased an additional 25 bikes and helmets for 2017. We expect there were many happy faces as these 33 children got new bikes for Christmas. If you are interested in seeing some of our pictures, please go to the Newcomers website ( and view the bikes delivered to Helping Hands Nurturing Center for those children.

Happy New Year!

The Special Items Team & The Special Elves