Program Highlights

Note: This page is not being updated until we are fully reactivated after the pandemic – hopefully Fall 2021.


October Program – Annual Auction

If you have been using your time in COVID-19 isolation to clean and organize your home, the Silent Auction committee would like to remind you that your gently used items or those things you may be tempted to use for regifting would be welcome additions to our annual silent auction, scheduled for our October luncheon. As a reminder, we cannot accept clothing, but home décor items, jewelry, and other miscellaneous treasures have always been popular at this event. Please consider setting aside your “good stuff” to be donated to Newcomers’ Christmas Families Project fundraiser in October. When the proposed change in our IRS recognition status is approved, your donations will be fully tax-deductible.


Be sure to check out our Christmas Families Project update – here!