Fashion Show Update

Although the 2020 Fashion Show has been cancelled twice, we hope to again treat our members to a fabulous show of fashion in April 2021.

At this time there are many unknowns. We do know that Marilyn’s of Auburn has closed its doors permanently. We will miss this wonderful “local” store but can appreciate that Marilyn felt it was time to retire. The owners of our other participating stores, Beautiful boutique and La Te Da of Grass Valley and Whim be beautiful! of Penn Valley, are all trying to adapt and move forward with the new shopping restrictions. Now, more than ever, they need our support. I hope we all think of them first in updating our fashion looks for the fall.

Antonio is on board for catering, and Alta Sierra is still an unknown as far as seating a large group. We will continue to hope that many issues can be resolved so that we are able to bring you a spring fashion show. If and when possible, we will do it!