Fashion Show 2019 Description

Savvy, Sassy, & Sophisticated

Here come the fashions beginning with me (Fran Freedle).  What a great fun look I have from our first store Beautiful located behind the Clock Tower at Mill and Main Street in Grass Valley.  I think this floral slim pant is pretty fabulous don’t you?  They anchor the asymmetrical handkerchief bottom crinkle woven top in this yummy lime green.  I am also wearing some fun jewelry.  Isn’t this just the right thing for comfort, and casual summer fun!

The whole idea of our Show this year – Savvy, Sassy, and Sophisticated – has been developed by the Fashion Show Committee over the past 8 months.  We recognize that everyone has fashion potential and we wanted to have our models, who are our members except for two guests, show how layering, using fabrics, colors, all sorts of lengths and interesting designs can be combined to help us all look our very best.

The next model is Shona Duncan, wearing fashions from Beautiful.  We are happy to have Shona in our Fashion Show once again.  She is the Executive Director of Helping Hands Nurturing Center and partners with us on our Christmas Families Project.

Beautiful and Sassy, Shona can wear this perfect simple black dress on a court day – a place you can often find her supporting the families she helps.  She has topped it with a free-flowing duster in a sophisticated print with gray and black tones and pops of soft green on a rayon fabric – note the cut in a circular style to give it flounce and swing at the hemline – it even has a pocket.   Look at the gorgeous large crystal pendant on a heavy silver chain – part of the fabulous jewelry at Beautiful.  This shows off her hourglass figure with sophistication – and she can pack it and go!

Jill Thompson is wearing a chic look in great black harem pants that have a banded and pleated ankle giving it an exotic harem style.  Over the pants and black tank top, she is wearing a gorgeous, artsy, sheer over-blouse.  The mixed patterns of this silky print jacket highlight warm contrasting peach tones and the classy black of her base layer.  The black tank anchors this dramatic look so the gorgeous jacket takes full stage making this outfit a real standout!

Nita Edwards is here to show you that peasant blouses never go out of style and this one gives her a very feminine look that is just right for her new shape and very flattering over her pull on tight denim pants – that are, by the way, stretchy and comfy, with a slim leg and small slit at the ankle.  The blouse has a traditional string tie at the neckline but a more modern look comes with the mixed patterns.  There are crocheted insets on the sleeves and another special touch giving Nita a young vibe and carefree spirit.  A silver beaded chain and bangle bracelet complete this fun look!

Alice Ruth Mischke is simply stylish in a royal blue swing top with ¾ length sleeves worn over a slim pant.  These could be thought of as “must-have’s” for everybody’s wardrobe.  Both pieces have just enough spandex to make them fit great and feel comfortable.  The soft waterfall scarf adds pizazz and color drama to the outfit.  The scarf pulls the outfit together, adds color and softens the look – and should convince everyone that a beautiful scarf is always an excellent fashion investment.  Alice Ruth has a perfect model body, but many of you could carry this Sophisticated look.  This is another wonderful, packable, travel outfit.

Our next model is Martha Rust (our Newcomer’s Photographer par excellence!) – doesn’t this outfit just look like Martha’s exuberant personality?  The wonderful colorful duster with slits on the sides gives it movement and energy with reds, oranges, and abstract patterns.  It covers all and is layered over a loose fitting top with a scoop neck accented with buttons and a pleat in the front.  The sleeves can be worn long, or buttoned up to three-quarters length.  The black pant is lower in the back lengthening the leg.  This outfit can be a fashion staple and a great go-to in everyone’s closet – Sassy and Savvy!

The Raffle items for Beautiful are selected by Terry, and an in-store session with a girlfriend, where you can learn about “Coordinating your wardrobe, layer by layer” followed by lunch at Alloro Cuchina Italian Restaurant in Grass Valley.

When you get right down to it, you have to realize that diet has very little to do with different body types or shapes, but it does have an impact on what you weigh on the scales.

Different body types are largely dependent upon genetics; it is impossible to change your body type and we can’t do anything about that aspect, but we can learn to make the best of what we have by toning our body managing our muscle tone, body fat and body mass index and other physical aspects.

And, we can use the fashions of today to wear interesting fabrics and layers to bring out our best look.

Be sure to notice combinations of color, proportions, and how fashions look just great to create the illusion of height or slenderness.

The next fashions are from Judi’s of Nevada City – across the way from Friar Tucks on Commercial Street.

The first model is Jennifer Singer, Executive Director of the Friendship Club.  She is another one of our partners in the Christmas Families Project helping young at-risk girls work toward a better future.

Her peasant top has feminine detail intricately embroidered with scalloped edges on the sleeves and hem.  Jennifer is wearing a white cut-off jean with a frayed hem – so nice and stretchy and comfy too.  This fits her style and keeps your eye on the beautiful Jennifer, accentuating this positive, active young woman.  Silver jewelry completes this fresh look.

Karen Pirkl is wearing an eye-catching French toile print pant in blue and white that works to give her a strong shape and presence.  This helps create a look that is not overwhelming, but fashionable.  The stretch fabric creates a flattering silhouette and a flawless fit.  The beautiful white fisherman cotton knit, with lattice weave in the sleeves and shoulders over a solid white tank top, adds weight and dimension without overwhelming her tiny stature.  Just the right kind of layering for look and comfort.  The cross-body purse adds a pop of red completing her great look.

Cherry Jones has her own style with a touch of drama – a free and flowing fashion Savvy person.  She is wearing a soft floral A-line shape higher in the front, and lower in the back, in linen with a tab sleeve.  This wonderful garment is washable and made in Italy.  The Palazzo pants are white linen and have pocket detail on the hem.  Silver jewelry completes this look.  Cherry could wear this anywhere and always look fabulous!

Peggy Laird is wearing a great look for a spring or summer event.  We all need versatile items like this in our wardrobe to be ready for any occasion.  The sleeveless turquoise floral-print, vibrant colored cotton-poly top, gathers softly to compliment her shape.  It is paired over a slim soft sunny yellow Capri pant creating the perfect inverted V or Apple silhouette.  Her sterling bracelet and earrings complete this fresh, bright and fashionable look.

Mary Dodson (Models coordinator), looks pretty in this retro 60’s spring knit dress.  The full A-line shape and ¾ length sleeve make it so comfortable to wear.  This print is fun, colorful and, best of all, its poly-spandex fabric ensures a flattering fit and makes it pack easily.  The earrings help to accentuate the beautiful turquoise color and the wrap bracelet picks up the peach color.  What a fresh fun dress to wear anywhere – it is both a sophisticated and fashionable look.

The raffle items from Judi’s are selected by Judi, or you can invite a friend for an in-store session to learn about “attention to detail and proportion” followed by lunch for you at Bistro 221 on Broad Street in Nevada City.

When we think about how we can look our best, we think about our body type or shape.  A study was done of more than 6,000 women revealing some interesting statistics about the four most common female body shapes.  Think about which one of these body types you might be:

Banana Shape or rectangular – 46% of us are this shape where our waist measurement is less than 9 inches smaller than our hip or bust measurement.

Pear Shape or a triangle upward – 20% of us have hip measurements that are greater than our bust measurements.

Apple Shape or a triangle downward – 14% of us have broader shoulders and bust, and narrower hips.  These women have the highest risk of heart disease.

Hourglass or triangles opposing, facing in – 8% of us have our hip and bust almost of equal size with a narrow waist.  In Western countries, the hourglass is normally accepted as the “ideal” female shape.  These women have the lowest risk of heart disease.

Mill Street Clothing Company is easily found at 117 Mill Street in Grass Valley

Rose Tammi is using layering to create a very fashionable look.  Just a few of just the right items make it ever so stunning.  She is wearing a fun white swing jacket with oversized snap closures and a stand-up collar.  It is worn over an underpinning of black and white diagonal stripes in two different directions making this top unique and fun.  The black stretch slacks keep the emphasis on the absolutely Sassy top for this very sleek, and fashionable look.    

Amy Boettcher has that body we all want – long and lean.  Her shoulders and arms are great for this orange and white plaid long sleeveless top.  Amy is short in the torso, so the long sleeveless top with back button detail is perfect to show off her shoulders and arms.  The casual white jacket and tight stretch jeans that have been dyed to create a dark blue accent on the outside seams emphasize her long legs.  The fringed hem adds more sass to this comfortable look and just begs for bare feet.

Nancy Morehouse, although only 5’1”, looks stylish and sophisticated in this high-low jacket.  She is wearing a top that doubles as a jacket when layered over a black tank top and black ankle-length slacks.  Note the metal rivet detail above the ankle slit. She can wear the bold geometric design because the solid color of blue carries and softens the black print.  The simple black clean tunic and pant anchor this fun, colorful jacket.  What a beautiful fashionable look!

Jeannie Crawley’s size borders on the petite.  She is wearing an A-line tunic top with a blue and white asymmetric pattern of geometric shapes.  The top features a front pocket with a string bow-tie detail drawing the eye diagonally adding height and slimness.  And the fabric is crinkled so an easy traveler.  However, she can wear this loose flowing top by balancing it with skinny stretch denim pants, one shape complimenting the other.  Altogether, a fashion success!

Hermie Theobald shows how to elongate her body by adding a sheer long overlay.  This creates a feeling of elegance and sophistication.  This long, lacy layer in an ivory hue is a great addition to a wardrobe as it can be worn over jeans and a t-shirt, or layered over this black top and pant for a very sleek look.  Yes, you can wear a long top like this as long as it is sheer and doesn’t overwhelm you.  Looks great on Hermie! 

The Raffle items from Mill Street Clothing Company include the opportunity for you and a friend to learn about the fashion concept “You wear it, it doesn’t wear you” with lunch generously donated by Toffanelli’s in Grass Valley.

Marilyn’s Fashionations – 866 Lincoln Way in Auburn.

Maggie Glassoff’s comfy and fashionable look has all-flowing color in the long (below the knee length) layer of lace and contrasting print patchwork – worn over a solid turquoise blue top with pretty arm detail.  It is anchored by a slim knit pant with pearl button accents on the ankles.  Very complimentary layers.   Bold, colorful jewelry completes the look.  Maggie, you look just fabulous!

Jeanette Miller’s fashion-conscious look combines denim with lace all in one color of blue that adds inches to her stature.  The denim cropped pant has a lace cuff and sparkle, but a smooth and slim profile.  The lace around the neck underpinning and the loose flowing 3/4 length sleeve sheer and lacy print overlay is topped with a flattering denim cardigan.  It all pulls together for a very Sassy look.

Becky Peabody takes to heart that linen is a classic choice for summer fashion.  She is wearing a sleeveless asymmetrical A-line dress of heavy aqua linen flattering to Becky’s shape.  The beautiful lace overlay adds a layer of interest and softness a she moves.  The Stone and Crystal necklace add sparkle to the long, smooth look.  A great choice for any summer occasion – this is a very fashionable look!

Shirlie Hill is wearing a WOW bohemian gauze tie-die and knit print top.  It is so dramatic that it really can stand alone.  It goes so well over a simple black tank and crinkle black gaucho pant with elastic waist to let the top be featured as the star.  The diagonal weave with ¾ length sleeve gives Shirlie an edgy look.  And, it’s comfortable too!

Lots of fun and drama for Doris Balog wearing a bright and cheery sunny summer bubble dress.  The top is a vibrant yellow solid carrying the free flowing multi-color print of the layered bottom that can be tied up for dancing fun!  It can be worn two ways – the beautiful ruffled effect comes from the ties on the inside of the skirt creating a bouncy bubble, or released to create a smooth swingy swirl.   The sequined mesh knit shrug is a needed layer for some day into evening events. 

The Raffle items from Marilyn’s Fashionations include an opportunity for you and a friend to learn how to “Emphasize the positive – looking good by balancing your unique body type” and lunch at Monkey Cat in Auburn.

Whim, 17562 Penn Valley Drive in Penn Valley

Sandy Neel is looking sassy in this pretty print top.  The cross-over ¾ sleeve top, wrap-around style with roucheing, accentuates her waist and enhances her petite frame.  The blue and white print, with a pop of orange, create an eye-catching look.  And, the fringe hem on the capri pants adds a casual and modern look.  Paired with a slim fitted jean, its perfect for Sandy’s athletic shape. 

Debe Wilson is wearing a casual summer look that we love.  It features narrow vertical stripes that are slimming and enhanced by the contrasting stripes in the sleeves on a hi-low top with ¾ length sleeve perfect for a shorter arm.  It is a soft knit with an easy drape and flattering fit.  The straight ankle-length pant gives Debe a streamlined, flattering look.  It is enhanced by a fabulous necklace with grey stones, silver beads and a large pendant.

Gale Sheppard is wearing a beautiful Italian loose-flowing silk top and harem pant that do not cling, but rather the double layers soften her figure as she moves easily and gracefully with drama.  The powder blue top has butterfly sleeves making it soft, flowing and very classy.  Her Palazzo pants softly flow because of an overlay of sheer silk.  Special jewelry add to her Sophisticated look.

Liz Coots is wearing a swing top with white stitching that gives it a unique, quilted texture and the lacing detail on the sleeves and front pockets add both interest and style.  The top accentuates and flatters her shape – not too long or too short for this 5’2” lady.  The top is paired with a capri pant in the same color tone which adds height to her look.   “Blondes in beige” so classy!  A necklace and handbag complete this great look!

Stacey Nicolai is wearing a dress and jacket for that day into night occasion.  The lacy print in soft grey, layer over layer adds softness to Stacey’s athletic form.  The two layers combine well.  A long sparkling chain is the jewelry added to this sophisticated look.  These are the kinds of pieces that can be paired with others to create interesting looks.  Stacey looks so pretty and feminine! 

Raffle items include an opportunity for you and a friend to learn “the high and low of it – how you should wear it” with lunch at the Blue Cow Deli in Penn Valley.