Activity Group News

Based on current responses from Activity chairs, many groups have been able to meet via Zoom or in person with social distancing. Unfortunately, this was not the case for most gaming or cooking groups. Hopefully, they have found other ways to stay connected.

Please note: Flyers for each group will be available at the monthly luncheons once they resume. These provide more detailed information about the groups including when they meet and all contact information.

If you have any questions, ideas or are interested in forming a new group, please contact Linda Mitchelmore.

Bridge Update

For Newcomers who are interested in learning to play bridge, joining a group, or playing online group or individual bridge, please read on.

Kathy Boone maintains a roster of current Newcomers bridge groups and substitutes.

Rosalie Baker ( can assist in referring to online bridge lessons and online bridge play. She can also walk you through joining

New Players – If you are new to bridge or converting from party to duplicate bridge, free tutorials are available online through and ACBL Bridge. Nancy Eubanks offers individual lessons at her home by appointment. Cost is based on individual or number of students. Bridge is a game that takes time to learn and level of play varies.

Newcomers Club Bridge Groups – These groups play online or in person (although in-person play at home or location is mostly on hold because of COVID). If you know how to play bridge and know at least some conventions, the best way to join is to start as a substitute. Depending on the level of bridge experience, Kathy or Rosalie can suggest a group. The group will determine if your level of play is a good fit. Members new to bridge may want to form their own group. If you want to start playing online for practice, call Rosalie and she can help get you started.

Online Bridge ( – Anyone can play online – individuals, those participating in an ACBL game, or those setting up a table to play with friends. For help in playing online bridge, contact Rosalie who will walk you through the registration and how to play online. Just playing online is free. The cost for competitive play varies by game (typically $3).

Your Activities chairpersons would love to hear from you.

If you do learn of a group that you are interested in or if you are interested in starting a new group, PLEASE give us a call, and we can chat about your desires. We would love to hear from you. Click here to see a list of the current activity groups and meeting times on the Activity Group Descriptions page.  You can find the activity leader’s name and number in your current roster or contact the Activities Chairperson, whose name can also be found in the roster.