2017 Program Highlights


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More Program Highlights – Mark Your Calendars!

March 28, 2018 – He’s back! Brent Nixon, performer, environmentalist and professional photographer, is returning. Many of you remember Brent from his presentation on Bears and Whales. When not filming the endangered environment and its inhabitants, Brent performs for Celebrity Cruises and sells his filming to National Geographic Magazine. His latest contribution to National Geographic is “Saving the Coral Reefs.” Rosalie found him filming the black-tailed shark in French Polynesia on his way to finding the green turtles nesting in Hawaii. This is a popular event so book early!

April 25, 2018 – This year’s annual Fashion Show, “Fashion Forward – A History of What We Wear,” will be held at the Alta Sierra Country Club. Models will interact with guests as they share information about their outfits with each table. Save the date and bring a friend to this fun, interesting day all about fashion and how it has evolved. See below for fashion show details.

May 23, 2018 – Sierra Stages is becoming a Newcomers musical show tradition. Its 2017 production of Chicago was New York quality performed by our own unbelievable area talent. In May, we will be entertained with excerpts from its 2018 musicals conducted by Ken Getz.

“Fashion Forward” – 2018 Newcomers Fashion Show

What a difference the sewing machine has made for fashion. Today, hi-tech lasers are used to cut intriguing patterns for the clothes we wear. Learn all about these amazing breakthroughs when you come to “Fashion Forward,” this year’s fashion show event on April 25 at Alta Sierra Country Club. It will be a fun and exciting day that you won’t want to miss, and you may want to bring a friend.

The Fashion Show commentator will share some delightful images of clothing we have worn in the past, and our vision of what we want to wear now: something soft, comfy, warm or cool, depending on the season. You will learn about the birth of denim and its link to our gold rush history. Denim has spanned many generations and still influences fashion today. Shop owners will bring fabulous seasonal items that you will get a chance to win through our Fashion Show Raffle. Favorite raffle items include the special fashion sessions with shop owners followed by lunch. This is a “Fashion Forward” day you should put on your calendar right away!

If you wish to be a model, please contact the Fashion Show Committee.