Activity Group News

Our new Activities chair has enjoyed getting acquainted, on paper and email, with all the Activity groups. Although half of the groups are involved with games or cards, none of these groups are looking for new people. So if there is any interest, a new group could be formed. Next in popularity are the book clubs and cooking groups. Again, if there is interest, another group in either of these areas could be formed. Many groups that have been listed in the newsletter are no longer open, so ladies from these “filled” groups are invited to give a short “plug” at our luncheons to generate interest in forming a new cooking, book, game, or other type of group. Below are updates:

Nifty Needlers will no longer be meeting.

Kitchen Kut-Ups, Mysteries & More, Writing Group and Yarn Art have space available for additional members.

Please note: Flyers for each group are available for you to take at the monthly luncheons. These provide more detailed information about the groups including when they meet and all contact information.

If you have any questions, ideas or are interested in forming a new group, please contact the Activities Chair.



Your Activities chairpersons would love to hear from you.

If you do learn of a group that you are interested in or if you are interested in starting a new group, PLEASE give us a call, and we can chat about your desires. We would love to hear from you. Click here to see a list of the current activity groups and meeting times on the Activity Groups page.  You can find the activity leader’s name and number in your current roster or contact the Activities Chairperson, whose name can also be found in the roster.