Activity Group News

Connecting new members with activity groups is a major focus of Newcomers. Having recently contacted the chair of every group, it is apparent that the groups are doing a very good job of keeping their own substitute lists. Groups that require a specific number of participants are reaching out to new members and making a sincere effort to accommodate them. Examples are cooking and game groups. Groups which don’t require, or are not limited by, a specific number rely on new members to contact them regarding participation. Examples are Short Walkers and Monthly Movie Group. Assistance with forming a new group is always available by contacting the Activities Coordinator.

The Bridge Group has made arrangements to have beginning and transitional bridge lessons available. Anyone interested should contact the Programs Chair for additional information. She has also graciously offered to start a new bridge group with new members and/or subs.

Bunco and Bridge groups are looking for subs and new members. This will vary depending on the needs of each group. If you’re interested, please contact the activity group leaders as listed in the roster.

Mysteries & More, Writing Group and Yarn Art have space available.

Please note: Flyers for each group are available for you to take at the monthly luncheons. These provide more detailed information about the groups including when they meet and all contact information.

If you have any questions, ideas or are interested in forming a new group, please contact the Activities Chair.



Your Activities chairpersons would love to hear from you.

If you do learn of a group that you are interested in or if you are interested in starting a new group, PLEASE give us a call, and we can chat about your desires. We would love to hear from you. Click here to see a list of the current activity groups and meeting times on the Activity Group Descriptions page.  You can find the activity leader’s name and number in your current roster or contact the Activities Chairperson, whose name can also be found in the roster.