Activities Corner

New Activity Groups:

Attention writers or would-be writers:
Have you been putting off writing your memoirs, perhaps a story about a special experience, or an article about your favorite topic? Try this writing group to get your creative juices flowing. This group will provide both motivation and the opportunity for sharing work with fellow members. No pressure, just fun and informative – so if writing or more writing is on your Bucket List, the time is now. Day and time will be determined by members. If you’re interested, please contact the Activities Chair.

Caring Friends – The Caring Friends activity group will consist of eight to ten members willing and available to help when a member of Newcomers is in need. We have many single members who, at any time, could have a serious fall, be diagnosed with an illness, or be unable to take care of routine tasks. Even if a member has a husband, he may not be in a position to be a caregiver and that is where our group would come in. Our Vice President is the lead person and will receive the phone calls and then allocate a job to an available group member (dog walkers, rides to appointments, meals when needed, grocery shopping or whatever help that person needs). The group will meet for lunch every two months to check to see how things are going and whom they are helping at that particular time. We do have an aging membership, and at any time someone might need our help. Also, they would not feel that it was an imposition to ask, as that would be the whole purpose of the group. Interested members who would like to join this group should contact our Vice President.

The new Hand and Foot group meets the third Thursday of the month. This group is looking for more members to join them. Please contact the Activities Chair if you are interested.

Current Activity Groups:

The Garden Club meets the first Tuesday of the month at 11:00 am. They are looking for a new person or persons to chair their group. Please contact the Activities Chair for further information. There is always room for new members. The meetings are usually held at either private gardens, nurseries or other places where we can have a speaker. There is always someone, either the owner of the garden or a nursery, who will give a talk.

The Bridge Group that formerly met on the third Friday of the month has changed the meeting day to the second Friday of the month.

Creative Crochet is now Yarn Art. We have joined forces with the knitters and together we hope to increase our production of scarves & hats for the Christmas Families Project in 2019. This year we completed 120 Scarves and 32 hats. It was a valiant effort by all who participated! In addition to this project we all work on our own creations, share new patterns and have lots of fun

We meet on the second Wednesday of the month. Our next get-together is November 14. Please join us or get on our email list by contacting the Creative Crochet Leader listed in your Roster.


If there are any groups that are currently looking for new members or if you would like to start up a new group, please contact the Activities Chair.

Newcomers Garden Club

Some of us get down on our hands and knees to garden, some of us used to do that, and some of us are limited to gardening in containers; but all of us enjoy looking at gardens, talking about gardens and learning a few new things along the way. We go on field trips both locally and farther afield. We have speakers, visit nurseries and occasionally see each other’s gardens. Many of our members have been attending for a number of years, so our leaders search out new experiences and repeat past favorites. Recently we have toured a private Japanese Garden in Granite Bay, talked with Chris Bierwagen of the Donner Fruit Trail in Chicago Park, and learned about taking better photographs with simple cameras from Jan Hedman, a local American Rose Society Rosarian. This spring we had a class on pairing olive oil and balsamic vinegar to enhance the vegetables that we grow (or buy). In March we learned about the Felix Gillet Institute from Amigo Bob, who has identified heirloom fruit trees in our county and is now propagating them to preserve their enduring qualities for the future. Felix Gillet was a nurseryman in Nevada City who supplied much of the nursery stock that was imported to northern California in the late 1800s. Our Garden Club meets at 11:00 am on the first Tuesday of the month, September through June, except for January. Members pay $6.00 in addition to our Newcomers dues. This money is used to offset some of our expenses, to help support our Newcomers’ Christmas project and to donate to special activities, such as the Master Gardener Daffodil Project. For more information on joining the Garden Club, contact the Garden Club Chairs listed in your Roster.

New Opportunities for You!

“Mysteries & More,” our book club for mystery lovers, mixes their mystery reads with regular fiction and biographies. They are currently looking for new members. All Newcomers Club readers are welcome to join them. They meet the 1st Wednesday of each month at 1:30 pm at the members’ homes In February they discussed The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton Please contact the Mysteries & More Chairs listed in your Roster. If you would like to be a part of a new group OR if you want to join an existing activity group, please let us know. Contact the Activity Chairs whose contact information can be found in your Roster or in the Newsletter.

Short Walkers

At this time of New Year resolutions, many of us are resolving to get more exercise in 2015. If you want to start your week off with some fun exercise, you can do that with our Short Walkers We meet every Monday morning at 8:30 am and walk the trail around the Nevada County Fairgrounds. It’s a great way to spend time with other Newcomers, get in your exercise AND enjoy the beautiful surroundings. If you are interested in “short walking,” please contact the ladies listed in the Roster or your Newsletter.

New Book Club?

We have members interested in starting a new book club. Would you like to join them?

Substitute for Cooking Group?

One of our Cooking Groups is looking for a substitute Anyone interested?

Monthly Movie Group

The Movie Group is currently without a leader. If you’d like to get the group going again, contact the Activities Chair. Below is an earlier posting which describes how the group has been organized in the past.

The Newcomer’s Monthly Movie Group meets the second Thursday of the month and is open to all Newcomer members who just want to get out and see the latest quality movie. Some of the movies we have viewed together as a group were Silver Linings Playbook, Life of Pi, The Great Gatsby, The Way, Way Back, Jersey Boys, Gone Girl and more. We also attended a fundraiser series for the Covered Bridge at Bridgeport. This included such classic movies as Rebel Without a Cause, High Noon and The African Queen. I email the group on the Friday before our Thursday movie date to announce the selection. Often times, we will go out for coffee together after the show. If you would like to join the Monthly Movie Group, simply find my email address or phone in your roster or newsletter, contact me, and I’ll put you on the email list. I hope to see you at the movies!!

Your Activities chairpersons would love to hear from you.

If you do learn of a group that you are interested in or if you are interested in starting a new group, PLEASE give us a call, and we can chat about your desires. We would love to hear from you. These are our current activity groups:

  • Book Clubs
  • Bridge
  • Bunco
  • Canasta
  • Cooking Clubs
  • Garden Club
  • Hand & Foot
  • Knotty Knitters
  • Mah Jongg & Baby Mah Jongg
  • Monthly Movie Group
  • Nifty Needlers
  • Short Walkers