President’s Message

“Love is a canvas furnished by nature and embroidered by imagination.”
~ Voltaire

As I look at the beauty of summer, and our transition into what is often a colorful fall in our area, I am reminded that we live in a very beautiful place populated by lots of beautiful, loving people.

I am anxious to get back to our regular meetings starting on September 25. I hope everyone had a fun summer in our beautiful part of the world. 

Our meeting place, Alta Sierra Country Club, continues to go through changes. We will be served by a new chef and serving staff. The air conditioner has been replaced, and the comfortable setting will be waiting for us. Members are reminded that all restaurant issues need to be referred through our dedicated restaurant liaisons. Please remember that serving a group of 100 or more women is far different from serving a small group with different time constraints.

September brings an interesting and informative program arranged by our program chairs. It is timely, as mental health seems to be the topic of the day. The presenter is both entertaining and informative. Look for details elsewhere in the newsletter.

We can look forward to our upcoming October Auction, which is the main source of funds for our Christmas Families Project. I hope you are setting aside some “treasures” to donate to this fun event where we can turn someone else’s discards into our new discoveries and raise the money needed for this worthy project. We will soon be looking for volunteers to help with the Christmas Families Project that culminates with our Christmas luncheon the first week of December when we have, as our guests, some of the young moms who will join us for lunch and tell their often-poignant stories.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone!

Newcomers Club of Nevada County has a Facebook page

Remember, our club has a website, There you’ll find information on our charter, activity groups, luncheons and special programs. It also contains the membership application form along with instructions on how to join. Newcomers Club of Nevada County also has a Facebook page: You can check the page for our current newsletter and interesting photos, articles, and luncheon information. Like, Share, and Follow if you wish.

We would like to post photos of our activities on our web page, our Facebook page, and the Chamber of Commerce website. If you do not want your picture posted anywhere, you need to contact the Historian or the Membership Chair. Their contact information can be found in your newsletter or roster. If you notice someone taking your picture and do not want to be in it, please make sure you remind them and mention it to the photographer.


Please contact our Sunshine Chair, if you know of a member who is in need of comfort or condolences.

2019/2020 Newcomers Club Board

The Newcomers Nominating Committee presented nominations in April, and the election of officers for next year was held at the May luncheon.

Newcomers Club Community Table

The purpose of the Newcomer’s Club Community Table is to provide our members with a method of displaying a non-profit organization or group that they feel may be of interest to other members. In addition, the table helps us all to be aware of the community programs in our beautiful area. Several groups need your help and support; there are others that can guide you to a new and interesting activity. We are delighted to display a brochure or booklet for these non-profit community organizations. We ask that you do not supply materials that pertain to advertising for a business or service for personal financial gain; that is not the purpose of our table. Members are welcome to leave information at the table; the pamphlets and brochures will continue to be displayed at the community table throughout the year. We respectfully request that we not be asked to display political, religious or any subject matter that is of a highly controversial nature. If you have any questions; please do not hesitate to contact the Historian at the email address or phone number in your roster. Here is a current list of pamphlets and brochures: 

Bear Yuba Land Trust, Cancer Aid Thrift Shop, Friendly Visitors & Telephone Reassurance Volunteers, Friends of AAUW, Friends of Hospice, Gold Country Wildlife Rescue, Habitat for Humanity (Cars for Homes), Helpline Information & Assistance for Nevada County, Music in the Mountains, Nevada County Habitat for Humanity (Building Homes Building Lives), Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum, Nevada County Resource Conservation District, Nevada County’s Golden History, North Star Historic Conservancy, ReStore Habitat for Humanity, Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital Auxiliary, The Friendship Club, Wildlife Rehabilitation & Rescue, and Women of Worth